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Olivia Munn?s Nippy Night Out

Stepping out in a daring ensemble, Olivia Munn exited the famed Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood on Saturday evening (May 4).

The ?Newsroom? hottie donned a see-through sweater with no bra, revealing a peek at her lady parts.

In relationship news, Miss Munn recently chatted about her boyfriend Joel Kinnaman and his homeland cuisine.

"I don't think there are any Swedish restaurants in L.A. The Swedish food I've seen is, like, pickled fish that can live outside the refrigerator for, like, a day,? the 32-year-old explained.

"I went last summer. I didn't have [the pickled fish]. I saw it; I thought, 'I don't want that.' They love it. That and potatoes," Olivia continued. "My boyfriend's dad is a really great cook, and he was in Laos for while so he actually made a lot of food [I liked]. I didn't have to go for the pickled herring."

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/olivia-munn/olivia-munn%E2%80%99s-nippy-night-out-850365

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