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What's Your Number? Premiere!

The What's Your Number? premiere is tonight in Los Angeles! I have my dress and I'm super excited!

I'm gong to be tweeting live from the red carpet at 6:30 PM PST for US Weekly magazine, so make sure to follow them and me on Twitter:



Source: http://www.prettyinthecity.com/blog/2011/9/19/whats-your-number-premiere.html

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Adele: March 2012 cover girl of Vogue


Adele posed for an elegantly put together Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shot spread while talking about everything from ridding of the booze to her highly publicized vocal cord surgery. Highlights from Adele's interview are as follows.
On her 'loud' personality: ?I am quite loud and bolshie,? she says (British slang for unruly and clamorous). ?I?m a big personality. I walk into a room, big and tall and loud.? Indeed. There is no doubt when Adele is in the building. The rule of thumb for protecting one?s vocal cords, she tells me, is: If people are more than an arm?s length away, you shouldn?t talk to them. ?But I am like, Wah! Wah! Wah!,? she says, laughing. ?It?s really bad.?
On giving up drinking last May: ?Don?t like drinking anymore. I think I got it out of my system. D?yaknowhaImean??
On her vocal troubles: ?I?ve been singing properly every day since I was about fifteen or sixteen and I have never had any problems with my voice, ever. I?ve had a sore throat here and there, had a cold and sung through it, but that day it just went while I was onstage in Paris during a radio show. It was literally like someone had pulled a curtain over it.? She flew to London the next morning to see her doctor and was diagnosed with acute laryngitis. After a couple weeks? rest, she continued her European tour, came to America, and then her voice went again in May. ?That was a hemorrhage... a burst blood vessel on my vocal cord. That healed, I did a tour, and then it happened again at my best friend?s wedding on October 1.?
On getting support through her surgery from other artists: ?John Mayer had it done at the same time as I did and he really helped me be chilled out about it. Roger Daltrey?s had loads of stuff done; Steven Tyler reached out; Elton John. Lots of artists have had problems with their voices, but you don?t know about it. And they are still singing incredibly well in their 50s and 60s.?
On her six Grammy nominations: ?I burst into tears when I found out. And I would love, absolutely love, to win. This record is coming to an end, and that would be the final brick on it.? [gallery=821]

Source: http://www.celebritygossiphollywood.com/celebrities/adele-celebrities/adele-march-2012-cover-girl-of-vogue/

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John Legend Cheated On Chrissy Teigen With Hot Blonde In Bathroom?

John Legend Cheated On Chrissy Teigen With Hot Blonde In Bathroom?

John Legend a cheater?Just days ago Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen joked on Twitter about women wanting to f*** her fiance John Legend. It looks like her concern may not be unfounded. The New York Post reports that John Legend was caught making out with an attractive blonde in a bathroom stall at Acme in New York. Legend, ...

John Legend Cheated On Chrissy Teigen With Hot Blonde In Bathroom? Stupid Celebrities Gossip Stupid Celebrities Gossip News

Source: http://stupidcelebrities.net/2013/05/john-legend-cheated-on-chrissy-teigen-with-hot-blonde-in-bathroom/

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NYC Screening with Marie Claire

There was a screening in New York last night hosted by Marie Claire magazine. Here I am:

Milly Jacket, Theory blouse, J Brand jeans, Chloe shoes, Kate Spade earrings, and the handbag was a gift from my friend Caprice!

Source: http://www.prettyinthecity.com/blog/2011/9/28/nyc-screening-with-marie-claire.html

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Les Miserables Posters

Les Miserables Poster

Gearing up for the Christmas Day release date, ?Les Miserables? has unveiled a pair of new promotional character posters. The new artwork includes images of Sacha Baron Cohen teamed with Helena Bonham Carter, and Eddie Redmayne with Amanda Seyfried. Directed by Tom Hooper, ?Les Miserables? also stars Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Aaron Tveit, Samantha Banks, and Russell Crowe. Per the synopsis, ?Les Misérables tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption?a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit.? [gallery=841]

Source: http://www.celebritygossiphollywood.com/celebrities/russell-crowe/les-miserables-posters/

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